Pokemon To Unveil New Character, Metapaws

MetapawsBellevue, Washington — The popular Nintendo game, Pokemon, said they were planning on releasing new versions of the game in 2015, and with it, introduce a brand new Pokemon character.

“We’re really excited about our new Pokemon, Metapaws,” said lead developer, Ryan Brown. “Metapaws has been years in the making, and we’re proud to announce that this Pokemon is finally ready for a debut.”

Brown said that Metapaws will have an interesting backstory, saying that Metapaws has been laying dormant for 51 years, hiding in a deep, dark cave until the player pokes it awake with a stick. Metapaws will be a large dark Pokemon with fiery red eyes, and look generally like a demon.

“We’re really excited about Metapaws’ powers. His main attack will be heat based. He will become very warm and send heat waves off his body. We’re calling the attack ‘hot flash.'”

Brown also said that Metapaws will be unique in that you always have to keep it happy, or it can become irate and hurt either you or your other Pokemon.

“Metapaws will be irritable,” said Brown. “At the most inopportune times in the game Metapaws will go into what we’re calling ‘rage mode.’ You might be exploring a beach, getting supplies, or even napping to restore health and Metapaws will explode with anger, and you, as the player, will have no choice but to deal with it.”

Brown says the sporadic unpredictability of Metapaws will make the game more fun, as the player will have to make order out of the utter chaos that Metapaws creates.

“We’re expecting our players to get a little frustrated at first. There might even be some who can’t deal with Metapaws and have to put the game down, and head to the nearest Dairy Queen, until they can collect themselves and return to the game.”