Man Has Uncomfortable Interview at Hofbrauhaus

Hofbrauhaus InterviewCincinnati, Ohio — Cincinnati native, Michael Fray, told us today that he had the most awkward interview of his life over the weekend, as he met with a CEO¬†from one of the areas top consulting companies.

“I don’t want to name names, but I was called in for an interview at a consulting company I applied for after earning my MBA. I got a call from their CEO, which was already kind of weird, and he asked if I could meet him at the local Hofbrauhaus at around 5 o’clock this past Friday. I obviously obliged, and got ready¬†for a formal interview.”

Fray said that when he got there everything seemed unusually normal.

“Consulting interviews are some of the toughest interviews I’ve ever done, so naturally I prepped pretty hard. When I got there, the CEO, let’s call him Doug, asked if I wanted anything to drink. I thought it was a trick so I said no, but he insisted I have a liter of beer. He also bought me a pretzel.”

Fray said that the “interview” consisted of CEO, Doug, asking him about his social life and whether or not he thought the Hofbrauhaus in Cincinnati was really like the original Hofbrauhaus.

“I was not prepared for that question. I told him that I thought it could be, and he agreed with me. Then after an hour of Doug talking to me about his marital issues, the band started playing. He immediately loosened his tie, got up on the table and put his arm around a random stranger and began singing.”

Fray then said that Doug asked him to get on the table with him, to which he reluctantly agreed.

“We had a few more drinks, and at one point Doug turned to me with tears streaming down his face and said that he gets emotional every time he watches The Lego Movie.”

Fray said he hasn’t heard from the unnamed consulting company since the “interview,” but that he would have to seriously consider what he was getting into if he was offered a position.