Creator of “The Magic School Bus” to release new “Magic Public Bus” series

Magic Public BusNewark, New Jersey – Joanna Cole, one of the creators of the popular children’s book, “The Magic Schoolbus,” is set to release an all new set of books based based on the public bus system.

“With the popularity of ‘The Magic Schoolbus’ and all the adventures the children went on with Ms. Frizzle, we couldn’t help but want to continue the series,” said Cole. “But those kids couldn’t stay in school forever, so we decided now is as good a time as any to teach those characters about the public bus system.”

Cole said she will keep the original core cast, but will introduce some new characters.

“One of our new characters will be the bus driver. With Ms. Frizzle reaching her twilight years, she will not be as active on the public bus adventures, so we will have a bus driver named Randy, whose catch phrase will be, ‘Don’t cross this yellow line, or I’ll throw you off this damn bus.'”

Cole said that the main elements of the “Magic School Bus,” will remain, such as the mystery and adventure, but they will be more geared toward the public transit system.

“Instead of the kids shrinking down and traveling through the human body, they will take a trip to the magical world of the welfare office.”

Cole said the characters will also solve mysteries like “which homeless person smells like pee?” and “Is that spilled Chinese food or a just a pile of throwup?”

In addition, Cole promises that even in her old age, Ms. Frizzle will help teach the characters valueable lessons through interactions on the “Magic Public Bus.”

“One of our favorite stories is when Arnold makes friends with a woman on the bus, only to realize that she is a hooker looking for some crack-cocaine. After Arnold is beaten many, many times on his head, Ms. Frizzle reveals to Arnold that he should never, ever, under any circumstance, make friends with anyone on the Magic Public Bus.”

Look for “The Magic Public Bus” to be released sometime in late 2015.

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