Man realizes “haunted apartment” is actually just roommate crying himself to sleep

crying manIndianapolis, Indiana — Doug Johnson moved into his new apartment in Broad Ripple this past year with his roommate, Michael Hess. Recently, Johnson began hearing strange noises at nighttime throughout his residency.

“I would hear wailing in the middle of the night. It sounded like someone was in incredible pain. Initially, I thought we had definitely moved into a haunted apartment. Maybe someone had died there, or maybe it was like a murder or something. Whatever it was, it was definitely weird.”

Johnson said the strange noises began around the same time every night: after he got into bed, and would continue for 30-45 minutes, and then would stop.

“It wasn’t until I tried to track the noise that I realized it was coming from Michael’s room. That’s when I had my suspicions.”

Johnson said after knocking on his roommates door, he entered to see Michael raise his head from his pillow with red eyes and a wet face.

“Oh yeah, Michael tried to cover it up. He said he’d been having an allergic reaction to his pillow, but he was definitely crying. I just asked it I could borrow his milk, and left. No need to make it awkward.”

Johnson said that recently, Michael has had a bit of a rough patch.

“Michael recently got fired from a job that he loved, and then he got a little depressed so his girlfriend left him. The guy has had it rough. Last night he was drinking himself to sleep and spilled beer on his iPhone, which he can’t afford to replace. The crying started shortly after that.”


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