Female CEO Wants Stay-at-Home Husband to Get Off His Ass

man on couchSan Francisco, California — Brooke Morris is a successful CEO of a tech start-up called, Penicorp. Morris built Penicorp from the ground up, and turned it into the multi-million dollar industry it is today. Though she often goes through daily trials and tribulations, her biggest frustration right now is her stay-at-home husband.

“Bill (Morris’s husband) doesn’t do anything all day,” begins Morris. “He takes the kids to school, and then just moseys around the house all day long. In the summer months he just plays with our children all day, but I don’t know what he does to actually contribute to society.”

Bill Walker (Brooke kept her last name when she married) said that when he married Brooke he was the one who was financially responsible for their family.

“I had a great job,” said Walker. “I was doing consulting work for a major PR firm, while Brooke worked part time as a librarian. Then she had this great idea for a company, which I helped back, and low and behold Brooke used her will and determination to make Penicorp what it is today. I stopped working so I could help out around the house and spend time with our children, and boy, do I love it.”

Walker says he is now able to take time doing the things he loves, like spending time with his family, cooking, and working in his wood-shop.

When asked if being a stay at home Dad is hard work Walker replied, “Hell no.”

“I understand Brooke doesn’t think what I do is work, and well, that’s okay, because it really isn’t. I actually can do most of work without putting on pants, but if this wasn’t the lifestyle Brooke wanted, then she could always quit her job.”

Morris replied to Walker’s comments by saying, “Quit my job? Bill must be losing his mind. Who does he think would support this family, or his ‘woodworking.’ Let me tell you something, the only ‘woodworking,’ Bill does is behind our bathroom door.”

Morris and Walker are still working on a balance between work and family but Walker has said he has no plans to change his current situation.

“While we are financially free, I intend to spend all my time with my kids and in my underwear.”

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