New Election Campaign Commercials Completely Cross The Line

Midterm ElectionsWashington, D.C. — As the midterm election date is quickly approaching, campaign commercials have started to become increasingly outrageous, misguided, and sometimes downright malicious.

“I saw a commercial accusing Terri Lynn Rand(R) of being a part of the Black Panthers,” said Michigan resident, Katherine Galuki. “Which is not even slightly correct.”

Minnesota resident, Jeff McRoberts, said he saw a similar ad campaign while watching his new favorite show, “Blackish.”

“I was watching Anthony Anderson drop joke after joke, and then I saw a commercial for Mike McFadden saying that if I voted for Al Franken, he would come in my home and steal my wife and my television, all while laughing in my face,” said McRoberts.

Oregonian candidate, Monica Wehby (R) made a costly error in her ad campaign when she referenced drugs.

“Monica Wehby’s ad campaign said that if I voted for Jeff Merkley (D), drugs would run rampant in our streets,” said Mike Tuller, a resident of Portland, “Then the ad asked if I wanted to be responsible for drugs in our streets. I took that to mean that if I vote for Jeff Merkley, Marijuana will finally be legalized in Oregon, so hell yeah, I’m voting for Merkley!”

One of the most successful ad campaigns has been from Dick Durbin (D) of Illinois. While his ad campaign hasn’t been directly aggressive toward GOP candidate, Jim Oberweis, he has effectively targeted Illinois residents. His campaign reads:

If you vote for Jim Oberweis, your Facebook newsfeed will be taken over by hundreds of people who feel the need to voice their opinions of how they feel about the current political state of the country. Mothers and fathers will write paragraph upon paragraph about being ashamed to raise their children in America. Finally, college students and post-graduates will stop sharing funny videos, and instead paraphrase the latest rant they heard on MSNBC. Is this something you want to be a part of? Vote for Dick Durbin, and keep your newsfeed clean.

Julian Spencer of Illinois said, “out of all the campaign advertisements I’ve watched, that was by far the scariest.”

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