Robert Rodriguez To Shoot “From Dawn To Dusk” Series

From Dawn Till DuskLos Angeles, California — Robert Rodriguez announced today that he would be creating a new series entitled From Dawn Till Dusk, which will be a spin off of his cult classic, From Dusk Till Dawn. 

Rodriguez said that the series will follow a vampire just trying to make it as a working class citizen. “With From Dawn Till Dusk we really want to explore the plight of the Vampire in the working world,” said Rodriguez. “We want to take a look at what it’s like when you’re a creature of the damned, yet you still have to pay rent, deal with the daily grind of going to work, buying groceries, all while having to avoid the daylight. We want to explore what really makes up a vampire’s day.”

Rodriguez said the idea for the movie came after he had a stressful Monday. “I had a pretty long day a few weeks ago, where I was running around trying to balance work and family. I think I ran to CVS like four times in one evening,” said Rodriguez, laughing. “And I just thought to myself, ‘Wow, I couldn’t imagine doing this and then also having to feed on a human’s blood,’ and boom! The idea just popped in my head.”

Rodriguez said the series will have substantially less gun-fighting, strippers, and general violence than From Dusk Till Dawn.

“When I made From Dusk Till Dawn, I was pretty young and, admittedly, a little rebellious. I feel that I’ve really grown up a lot since then, and want From Dawn Till Dusk to reflect that. We got to see what happens during the nighttime with From Dusk Till Dawn, and now I want to answer the question, ‘What does a vampire do all day?'”

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