Man Not Concerned About Ebola, Continues With Trip To West Africa

ebola sight seeHARTFORD, CT — Robert Wilson grew up in the era where if you had a cut or an injury, you would pull yourself up and rub some dirt on it. In his 35-year career, he never once took a sick day. He had plans to visit West Africa in the coming weeks, and he’s not letting a recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus change his plans.

“When I was growing up, there was none of this mamby-pamby cold and flu medicine,” Wilson began. “You would just roll on out of bed, and if you felt bad then you just sucked on a lemon and got on back to work. Kids these days think if they got a little wheeze and a cough that they get to miss a week of school. Well guess what kid, ain’t no one feeling sorry for you.”

Wilson said his father instilled a sense of pride in him at a young age to never let being sick affect him.

“My dad was a rugged man. I remember the first time I was sick, and he just stood there yelling at me, and low and behold it scared the sickness right out of me. I’ve never been sick since.”

We asked Wilson if he knew about the extreme dangers of contracting the Ebola virus and he replied, “There ain’t nothing a little whiskey and hot water can’t fix.”

We told him that was entirely inaccurate, but Wilson told us that we were “just like those ninny school boys who cry every time they stub their toe.”

Wilson plans to head to Nigeria to “sight-see” next week.

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