Police Officer Burns Mouth on Pizza, Shoots Pizza 9 Times

Hot Pizza PoliceWILLIAMSBURG, VA — Theodore Bennett decided to take his lunch break at a local pizzeria today. He made his way down to one of his favorite pizza joints, Pizza Town, and ordered a large pizza loaded with sausage, mushroom, peppers and onions. Pizza Town’s owner, Mike Miller, described the terrifying scene that unfolded next.

“We saw that Theodore Bennett was a police officer, so we wanted to give him the best service we could offer. I told my staff to make sure Officer Bennett’s pizza was hot and ready right out of the oven when it was delivered to his table.”

As Officer Bennett took a bite of his pizza, he burnt his mouth and shouted, “Mother of f***a**, that is hot!” He then pulled out his firearm and shot the pizza 9 times before fleeing the restaurant, leaving the staff to clean up his mess.

“Everyone was startled,” said patron Melony Fairweather. “He scared everyone at Pizza Town. I hope someone reprimands him.”

We caught up with Officer Bennett who tried to defend his actions.

“The minute that pizza burned me I immediately felt threatened, which is why I shot the pizza.”

We asked Officer Bennett why he decided to shoot the pizza 9 times. He replied by saying, “I wanted to make sure that the pizza was not able to burn my mouth again.”

We told Officer Bennett that  a pizza was an inanimate object, that had no way of hurting him, he responded by saying that we couldn’t adequately understand the situation unless we had been there.

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