Man Joins Tinder, Accidentally Dates Cousin

TinderTAMPA, FL — 26-year-old Brian Rogers recently joined the popular dating app, Tinder. While his initial experience using the app had been going well, a recent incident made him rethink his Tinder usage.

“At first it was great,” Rogers remembered, “You’d swipe right, swipe left, maybe start chatting a little, and few dirty pictures later you would have yourself a date. I was hooked.”

Rogers said he would carefully select each one of his pictures, and even went so far as to borrow his friends dog, for one of his pictures. “I got really into it.”

All that stopped though, the day he went on one of his Tinder “dates.”

“I’d been talking to one of my matches for awhile, and we decided to meet up and get drinks. I showed up a little early, and my cousin walks in. So, I’m thinking to myself, ‘wow, what a coincidence. My cousin is here the same night I have a date.’ And then it hit me, my cousins name is Beth, which was the same name of my date. Needless to say I had a few extra shots that night.”

Rogers said that his cousins pictures were misleading.

“She used every trick in the book. She took only close photo’s of her face. She over did her makeup to the point where she looked like a canvas painting, and under her description she listed, ‘hunting, beer and football.’  I know for a fact that she’s a vegan, allergic to gluten, and couldn’t name a football player to save her life. The whole thing was a scam,” said Rogers, clearly agitated.

We asked Beth how she also failed to recognize with her cousin on Tinder, and she said that most of Roger’s pictures were of him with no shirt on, and with his head cut out of the frame.

‘I only swiped him right because of a picture where he was shirtless and holding a dog. I mean, my cousin doesn’t even have a dog!

Rogers said that while he’s taking a break from Tinder, permanent damage has already been done.

“She sent me a picture of her boobs. Some things you can’t unsee.”


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