Man Wears Male Capris Against Family’s Wishes

man wears caprisSARASOTA, FL — Every year the Williams family takes a yearly trip to Sarasota, Florida. They love the relaxing atmosphere, laying out on the beach, and the fantastic dining options. This year however their vacation took an unexpected turn.

“Our Dad bought capris,” said Thomas Williams, age 15, and the youngest of the three Williams children. “It’s just embarrassing. We keep getting looks from other people when we’re on the beach and walking around.”

Other Williams family members echoed Thomas’ sentiment about their Father, David Williams, and his new found love for capri pants.

“He won’t take them off,” said David Williams’ wife, Jen. “He eats in them, he sleeps in them, he even goes swimming in them even though they’re incredibly impractical. We can’t get him to take them off.”

We asked David to explain his new obsession with capri pants.

“What’s not to love? When I wear shorts, my calves and upper thighs get too much sun, but if I wear pants then I get all hot and sweaty. My capris offer an opportunity for my ankles to breath, while protecting my legs from dangers like UV rays, sand, and mosquitoes.”

When asked why he wears capris while swimming David said, “They just look cool. I feel like Jack Bauer, but if he wore capris in the ocean.”

Ally Williams, age 22, and the oldest of the Williams siblings, said this kind of behavior is nothing new from her father.

“I should be used to stuff like this by now. I mean, he once wore a onesie for a week while we visited the Grand Canyon. But he’s wearing women’s capris!”

David said that he would love to continue wearing his capris when he returns home to Canada from his vacation, but he said it wouldn’t be practical.

“It’s getting cold up north, I love my capris but I’m not a lunatic!” chuckled David. “It’s about time to bust out the old wet suit for the winter months.”

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