Restaurant Goes Green, Hires 80-Year-Old Men

restaurant goes greenOMAHA, NE — A local restaurant, Sal’s Diner, decided to make their establishment a little more environmentally friendly this week, by getting rid of paper towels and napkins, as well as bathroom hand dryers. The restaurant has instead, enlisted the help of two 80-year-old volunteers.

“The idea was pitched to us by a member of our wait staff,” said owner, Salvatore Parsons. “and we thought it would be a good move for us, as ‘going green’ is always looked at favorably by the community.”

Parsons said they enlisted the help of two men, Glenn Curry and Bob Cook to replace the napkins and hand dryers.

“Bob is the heart and soul of the operation. We usually throw him in the back near the bathroom, and just have him blow hands of anyone who needs their hands dried,” said Parsons. “As for Glenn, we put a big smock on him and tell our customers that if they ever get food on their hands or mouth, to motion for Glenn to come over, and just wipe that food right on the big guy.”

Parsons said his customers had to get used to the idea of using retiree’s as towels, but eventually his patrons began to love Bob and Glenn.

“Was it weird at first? Sure,” said customer Bill Waters, “But you know, when Bob really gets after it, he can rival just about any hand dryer on the market before 1970. The key is to get the son of a bitch take a deep breath,” chuckled Waters. “And as for Glenn, it might take him a few minutes to realize who’s calling his name, but once he figures it out, he’ll hobble his way over to your table in no time.”

Parson’s said that Sal’s has saved over $100 dollars, since “going green,” back in October of 2012.





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