NFL Preseason Football Gets Fans Luke Warm with Excitement

NFL PreseasonLast weekend capped off the first week of preseason football games, and with it, all the excitement of football being back. In fact, fans spoke out about how thrilled they were to see their favorite teams up suit up and get back on the field.

“I get to see a bunch of players vying for practice squad spots, I guess,” said NFL fan, Chris Casan. “Preseason football is like the Columbus Day of spectator sports, it’s just kind of there and no one gets off work.”

During the first 16 preseason  games, a whopping 12 were decided by 6 points or less. That accounts for more close games than in any single week of last year’s regular season.

“The games are probably close because no team cares if they win or lose, ” said Trip Bagwell, another NFL fan. “They just want to make sure the game doesn’t go to overtime.”

The return of full, four quarter football games has people buzzing, “I got caught in traffic and missed the first 5 minutes of the game, and by the time I turned on the TV, Drew Brees was already standing on the sideline with his hands in his  pockets,” said Bagwell.

In addition to star-studded players wandering the sidelines and providing answers to hard-nosed questions like “What do you think your team’s ceiling is this year?” fans will be able to watch players from schools like Middle Tennessee State and Louisiana-Lafayette return punts for five yards.

“To be honest, I’d rather watch professional Bocce Ball or Women’s Pole Vaulting,” said Casan “I don’t really care to see a third string no-name throw thirteen incompletions.”

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