Man Bad At Buzzfeed Lists

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Michael Harper often frequents the popular website Buzzfeed. He loves the lists with pictures, and witty captions like “14 things that only 90’s children will understand.” Harper decided to try and create a fun list of his own, but unfortunately for him, it was completely terrible.

“I thought it would be easy, but it turns out coming up with a list and pictures is more difficult than I thought,” said Harper. “With how much I love Buzzfeed, I figured I could just hop in and start making list after list.”

Harper’s list titled, “5 Reasons You Should Love Ice Cream,” has received very few views, and people who have viewed his list have said things like, “I hope this person is a seven year old, otherwise they should go kill themself.”

You can view Harper’s Buzzfeed list below:

5 Reasons You Should Love Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream1. Ice cream comes in flavors like chocolate and vanillia

Ice cream comes in awesome flavors like chocolate and vanilla. It probably comes in more flavors too, or maybe you can combine chocolate and vanilla to make your own flavor! Ice cream is neat.



Ice Cream 22. Ice cream spelled backwards is Maerc Eci.

If you say “ice cream” backwards, it’s pronounced Maerc Eci. That’s so crazy! Maerc Eci. It sounds like a Game of Thrones character.


ice cream list3. Ice cream is the perfect temperature

Actually, it’s pretty cold when you first start eating it. If you bite into it, it really hurts your bottom teeth, and if you eat it too fast, you can get a brain freeze. Then when it warms up, it starts melting and gets on your hands. I guess this isn’t a real good reason.

ice cream list4. You can eat ice cream after dinner

Can you eat ice cream all the time? No! But you can eat a reasonable amount after dinner. Don’t over do it though, or you’ll get a stomach ache or diabetes.



ice cream truck5. Ice cream trucks are a great way to make friends

When the ice cream truck comes, you can go and make friends. Yesterday, I made 12 new friends, including the driver. He asked me if I was too old to be buying ice cream from a truck and I just laughed at his new joke.

4 thoughts on “Man Bad At Buzzfeed Lists

  1. I don’t know about those people commenting negatively, but I thought this was hilarious. They random, inconsistent stock images really set the scene.
    I really digging your blog, and I look forward to reading more posts from you. Have a wonderful day!


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