Man Says He Was Dragged To Ellen DeGeneres Taping

man dragged to ellenBERKELEY, CA — At a recent taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show, Gary Phillips was adamant that he was dragged there by his wife Susie.

“I would never come here on my own accord,” said Phillips, “I respect Ellen and all that she does, but I’m more of a sports guy.”

Phillips said he only went to the taping to appease his wife who is a die-hard Ellen DeGeneres fan.

“Susie’s part of the ‘DeGenerNation.’ She never misses an episode, and if she does have a prior obligation, you better believe that she’ll record it and save it for later. Which is frustrating, because like I said, I’m a sports guy, and I gotta have room to record my sports,” said Phillips.

According to his wife, however, Gary was not exactly telling the truth in his account. In fact she recorded the whole experience on her cell phone.

“Just watch,” said Susie, while sheepishly grinning.

At the taping Gary Phillips was seen dancing and tearing up on multiple occasions, jumping up and down excitedly with his wife, and at one point during a gift give away Gary shouted, “This is the best day of my life!” while hugging everyone around him.

“Sports my ass,” said Gary’s wife Susie.



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