Man Inspired to Open Gourmet Restaurant after Eating Bacon Clubhouse Burger from McDonalds



DUNDEE, MI – Local resident Stan Walls plans to open his first restaurant, A Taste of Gourmet, sometime early next year. Walls has spent his professional years working in sales for a plastics company, but recently determined that his true calling is in the restaurant business.

“I have always enjoyed a good meal,” said Walls. “But even though my wife and I eat out a lot, I never saw what all the fuss was about. Whether it is Chilean sea bass served on a bed of jasmine rice at Bonefish Grill, or a mushroom stuffed filet with demi-glace sauce at The Cheesecake Factory, it all seems the same.”

This mindset changed for Walls during a recent dining experience. “I stopped into Walmart during my lunch break to buy some socks and refill my allergy prescription, and figured the McDonalds near the entrance was as good a place as any to get lunch,” said Walls.

Stepping up to the cashier, Walls decided to order the featured Bacon Clubhouse Burger. The following moments, as Walls describes them, were moments he won’t soon forget. “I took the first bite, and felt as though I was whisked away from that restaurant, inside that Walmart.”

“Applewood smoked bacon and grilled onions heaped over fresh lettuce and tomato, brilliant white cheddar, tender beef, all infused with special sauce,” Walls described, “swam in my mouth and danced with my taste buds. Any thought or concern in my mind was replaced by the savory, exquisite flavor of this meaty masterpiece.”

After his culinary revelation, Walls was determined to share his newfound passion. “For the first time, I knew how it felt to want to make a dish that changes someone’s life,” said Walls.

“A Taste of Gourmet will be my gift to the world, and much like the Bacon Clubhouse Burger I devoured on that fateful day, we will serve nothing but the highest quality meals money can buy.”

Walls intends to open a four-star quality restaurant with several delicacies including duck breasts, veal, and fresh lobster tail, in addition to a playful homage to the burger that started it all.

“If there is a lost soul, skeptical of the food service industry as I was, he will step into my restaurant, and leave a better man.”

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