Lays Releases New Pizza Gravy Flavored Chips

Lays Pizza GravyPLANO, TX — Frito-Lays announced today that they would be releasing yet another flavor of Lays potato chips, to go with their collection of “outside-the-bag” flavors.

“Accompanying our already large collection of flavors, will be our new line of Pizza Gravy potato chips,” said Lays CEO Brad Clark, “We think Pizza Gravy will go nicely with our other flavors like ‘loaded baked potato,’ ‘cappuccino,’ and ‘bacon mac & cheese.”

Clark said the decision came after an office meeting discussing what direction the potato chip conglomerate wanted to go.

“We were sitting in the conference room,” said Clark, “and we were all eating some pizza, and one of our interns said that one time in college he dipped his pizza in gravy. Everyone in the room was shocked. The idea was so simple: take gravy and put it on pizza! Now that is a flavor people can get on board with.”

Although focus groups have described the new flavor as, “Awful,” “Offensive,” and “If I had a choice between 3-month old catfish, jellied moose nose, or these chips, I would pick the fish and the moose,” Brad Clark has said the project is moving ahead as planned.

“Sometimes people don’t know what they want, until you force it down their throats. It’s kind of like that whole Dubstep thing.”


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