Cargo Shorts Find Place in Fort Wayne

Cargo ShortsFORT WAYNE, IN – Kevin Hedges got his first pair of cargo shorts when he was ten years old and hasn’t looked back since. In fact, his closet is filled with cargo shorts of all different colors and patterns.

“They’re the ultimate pant,” said Hedges “I mean, dinner, movies, yard work, NASCAR, you name it, and I will be wearing my cargos.”

Hedges said his real affinity for cargo shorts came when he was a teenager and had to carry his lunch to school without a lunch box. “My mom used to make me lunch, but I had nowhere to put it. That is, until I figured out I could stuff it all inside my shorts. Apple? bottom right pocket. PBJ? Bottom left. Mr. Pibb? Back bottom right. I mean you can fit whatever you need in those babies. I’m tellin’ you they’re the ultimate pant!” said Hedges.

When asked how he chooses his wardrobe Hedges said, “Cargo shorts go well with everything! They go with my black wife beater, my sleeveless Randy Savage t-shirt. They even go with my cutoff hoodie that says, ‘It won’t suck itself.'”

Hedges also said that cargo shorts aren’t all drab and khaki. He said on many occasions he likes to spice things up. “If I go hunting, I throw on my camo cargo shorts. You gotta have ’em for all your ammo and your mid-afternoon pbj. If i’m going out to dinner or to a wedding, boy, you know it’s time to throw on those plaid cargo shorts. Nothing says a classy like plaid and storage space. The last wedding I went to, they asked me to hold all the rice that people throw. Man, if I wasn’t there I don’t even know what they would of done.”

Hedges said that during the winter months he’ll sometimes don cargo pants, but he said, “Nothing says good weather like a warm breeze on the eight inches of my exposed leg when I wear my cargo shorts.”

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