Doctor Loves Pulling Pranks on Patients

funny doctorEL PASO, TX — Dr. Duane P. Fletcher M.D. grew up as a class clown, always pulling pranks around his school. Whether it was firecrackers in trashcans, or saran wrap over toilet seats, Dr. Fletcher could always be found making mischief. After completing his residency, Dr. Fletcher moved to El Paso, where his mischief has not taken a backseat to his career.

“I found out at early during my residency, that being a doctor is quite possibly the best profession to pull pranks on people.” said Dr. Fletcher. “People trust you implicitly, and it’s just so easy to pull the rug right out from under them.”

Despite some patients becoming furiously irate with Dr. Fletcher, he says, most understand that it’s all in jest. “One time I had a guy come in to have a mole inspected on his toe. I ran the usual tests, and came back in with a very somber attitude. I said, ‘you might want to sit down…’ The patient sat down, and his face immediately went white. ‘Because your shoe is untied!’ I yelled at him. The mole was just a mole, and no big deal. It was great though, because not only did I convince him he was dying, but I also ‘made him look.’ God, I’m just too good sometimes.”

His office assistant Jane Cochran has a different opinion on the matter, “Oh Dr. Fletcher is horrible, but he’s one of the best doctors in the area. He thinks he’s Patch Adams, but really he’s like Dane Cook mixed with Dr. Kevorkian, who are both horrible by themselves, so you can imagine just how bad a combination of both is.” said Cochran.  “I once saw him tell a child that both his parents had died in a car accident, only to reveal that they just had the flu. That was a bad one.”

“Yeah, Jane didn’t think that was appropriate,” Dr. Fletcher said of the prank, “But you really had to be there.”

As for Dr. Fletcher’s future he said, “You know, as I said before, I am in the perfect profession for my passion of pranking, but recently I have also been training to get my pilots license.”

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