Expanding Cell Phone Sizes Send Pocket Makers into Frenzy

James Hackendorf is in a panic. He has been making pants pockets for the better part of 25 years. He’s seen his fair share of ups and downs, but lately, he has started looking for a new career.

“I just don’t know how much bigger we can make pockets,” said Hackendorf, “You can only go so wide and so deep before the whole pant becomes one big pocket.”

Hackendorf has been worried about cell phone sizes increasing since the mid 2000’s. “At first it was ‘let’s see how small we can make these devices,’ which was great because we had so much pocket to work with. We could make small pockets for loose change, big pockets for people with big hands, we even could make pockets inside of pockets. Oh man, it was the life.” Hackendorf said with enthusiasm.

Then came the smart phone era. Hackendorf explained that the pocket bubble was bound to burst at some point. “Things were just too good for too long. We should have seen it coming. There were just so many pockets being made.”

“Suddenly cell phone companies weren’t trying to make small devices. Instead, they began to see how big they could make the screen! Needless to say we are in full blown panic mode,” Hackendorf recalled. ” With these new screen sizes we just don’t know where we can find enough pocket space. It’s not like we haven’t thought of ideas: We’ve wrestled with attaching a backpack directly to the pant, as well as making shirt-pant pocket combo, but nothing we’ve come up with has panned out.”

Hackendorf said he isn’t sure whether or not he wants anything to do with the future of pockets. “I know no one wants to hear  it, but cargo pants might have to come back for utilitarian purposes, and I will have nothing to do with that.”

The cargo pant, of course, marked a dark day in pocket-making history, when pocket makers became blind with power and began installing upwards of seven to eight pockets on the outside of shorts and pants. “Never again,” said Hackendorf. “Never again will I be a part of something that horrific.”

Hackendorf said he plans to look into the plastics industry or “another industry that people admire.”

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